Warren County Judge-Executive, Mike Buchanon

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The Judge-Executive is the elected chief administrator of county government. He executes the policies and budget set forth by the Fiscal Court.Mike Buchanon has served as Warren County’s Judge Executive since 1994.Counties are the cornerstone of Kentucky's quality of life, whether geographically large or small, densely or sparsely populated. Coordination and Leadership of all County Agencies and Departments. As state and local government evolve to meet the changing needs of the citizens we represent, counties will continue to play a prominent role.

Services Provided

Administering regulations and mandates from State and National Legislation. Comprised of the various Agencies/Departments on this website. Additional Agencies/Departments governed by the Judge-Executive: County Surveyor, Health Department, and Constables.


Brenda Hale, Marie Smith or Jeannie Rollenhagen

Mike Buchanon
Warren County Judge-Executive
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Current Downloads

  • General Fund Receipts and Road Fund Receipts for FY 2011
  • Kobe Aluminum Expansion (5/15/13)


  • WC 14-29 Right To Work Signed Ordinance
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